Everything You Need to Know about Breast Implants

Breast implants with Dr. Arie Benchetrit in Montreal

Breast augmentation is a very popular yet highly personalized cosmetic procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Arie Benchetrit will tailor his technique to your needs, goals and expectations. He will also thoroughly discuss breast implants choices with you and help you choose the type, size and shape that you feel most confident with. Here,… Continue Reading →

Do I Need a Lift with My Breast Augmentation?

Many of Dr. Arie Benchetrit’s Montreal breast augmentation patients want to know whether incorporating breast lift into surgery would help them achieve a more beautiful result. Dr. Benchetrit often performs the two procedures together, but only patients with significant sagging of the breasts need both. In this post, he provides some general information to help… Continue Reading →

The Life Expectancy of Breast Implants

Last month, Dr. Arie Benchetrit blogged about important decisions breast augmentation candidates need to make about their breast implants. To follow up that piece, Dr. Benchetrit wants to talk about another chief consideration that comes up during the breast implant discussion: how long breast implants typically last. Read on to learn more.