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Pointe Claire
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Pointe Claire, Quebec
H9R 5N3
Phone: (514) 695-7450


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A dream come true! I can hardly believe it.....after 25 years of wishing and hoping my dream became reality. I finally went and had abdominoplasty and liposuction. Although it's only been a couple of weeks and I'm still quite swollen the results are amazing. I tried on a bathing suit and cried when I saw myself in the mirror....WOW unbelievable. Having been refered to Dr.Benchetrit by a good friend ( thanks Liz) I knew I was in good hands and it was a life changing experience made perfect by everyone I had the pleasure of meeting at Cosmedica. Thank you so very much Dr. Benchetrit, you really are my *dream maker*.

I had a breast augmentation done by Dr Benchetrit exactly two months ago. I came to my consultation very informed and had a bunch of questions. Dr B sat with me and we discussed implant details, my anatomy and the results I could expect. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He has a great portfolio and his work looks amazing. The surgery went really well and I went back to school 4 days post op. No one had noticed by BA, it was very easily hidden. I have been extremely happy with my results since the day I got to take off my bandages. He has done a wonderful job, they are symmetrical, already so soft, the scars are hidden well and are very neat. They look great in clothes and very natural even naked. His staff is really nice and helpful and so is the staff at the Lakeshore where I got the surgery done. I am so happy I trusted this doctor and I would do the surgery all over again.    

..It was an excellent visit, and Dr. Benchtrit confirmed Amanda's recommendations. I already am a patient of Dr. Benchetrit's, and he is always is supremely informative, extremely considerate and has a thorough and thoughtful approach. I always recommend him as the "go to" guy. For her part, Amanda was also excellent, very informative, and also helped me avoid a potential disaster with respect to another treatment I was considering somewhere else from my aesthetician. I highly recommend her as well.

  ...Dr. Benchetrit made me feel very at ease and because he was so confident I was confident as well. He delivered results exactly as he promised and was very caring and patient b4 and after surgery. I highly recommend him as I will be going back to see him for sure in the future... V (Montreal)

 ...Great experience, probably my BEST up to now!! I found Dr.B. very methodical, organized and pleasant. I felt I mattered!!!After ALL those needles, I can say Dr.B. is great!!...Would I refer my friends to him? ABSOLUTELY!!.Maria L.

 "...Dr Benchetrit is very pleasant,professional,highly meticulous as well as the whole staff he works with. If I needed more surgery I would only go to Dr Benchetrit!" J.T. (Chateauguay)






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