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Mole & Cyst Removal in West Island, Montreal

Mole & cyst removal Montreal

Concerned about a cyst or mole in Montreal? Even harmless moles and cysts can be cosmetically unappealing and distracting, especially if they are located on your face or neck. Dr. Benchetrit uses the latest and most advanced methods of mole and cyst removal at his Montreal cosmetic surgery practice, including laser ablation. We encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Montreal plastic surgery center to learn more about these methods.

About Moles

A mole is a small skin blemish that may be raised. A high concentration of melanin makes the mole darker than the surrounding skin. Moles are very common, especially in adults with light skin. The vast majority of moles are benign (not dangerous), but a change in a mole may be an early sign of melanoma, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your moles. A regular skin check by your family doctor or dermatologist is a great idea, especially if you have many moles or have a family history of skin cancer. If one of your moles starts to grow, itch or bleed, you can contact us for a rapid assessment of the lesion, with the added convenience of an immediate removal or biopsy of the mole if desired. If your mole is benign but very conspicuous, or if it irritates you on a daily basis — for example, by interfering with shaving or rubbing up against clothing — you may want to have it removed simply for cosmetic reasons.

Mole Removal

To remove a mole, Dr. Benchetrit will use one of two possible methods: surgical excision or ablation with an Erbium-YAG laser. Surgical excision requires cutting out the entire mole and stitching the skin back together. Most of the resulting scars will fade well with time and can become inconspicuous. Some scars, however, can remain visible. With laser ablation, Dr. Benchetrit applies a concept called “selective destruction.” He selects a wavelength of light that is maximally absorbed by the color of the mole, and the laser damages only the pigmented tissue, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Laser ablation usually does not leave a visible scar.

Both surgical excision and laser ablation are performed under local anesthesia, right in the clinic. The procedure usually takes 10 minutes or less and can usually be performed on the same day as the consultation. There is no pain during the procedure and usually only mild discomfort afterwards. While the surgical procedure is sometimes covered by Medicare (RAMQ), the latter does not cover the cost of the local anesthesia, which is billed to the patient.

About Cysts

A cyst is a benign closed pocket of tissue filled with fluid or sebum (oil and skin debris). Cysts are caused by clogged pores or oil glands or foreign objects like earrings. They can appear anywhere on the body, but are typically found on the face, neck and trunk. They may feel similar to a large pea under the surface of the skin, but some cysts are painful.

Cyst Removal

Although nearly all cysts are benign, they can be unsightly and some of them can become infected, forming an abscess. Some cysts can interfere with function or become tender. Unwanted cysts can be removed by surgical excision, in a similar fashion to what is described above for moles.

Learn More about Mole and Cyst Removal

If you’d like more information about mole or cyst removal with Dr. Benchetrit, please contact our office today to schedule an informative consultation. Call 514-700-5189 or email us today.