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Plastic Surgery in West Island, Montreal

2019 Trottier Symposium – McGill University

It was a real pleasure to be a guest panelist at the roundtable discussion during the Trottier Symposium ‘’Longing for Longevity’’ organised by McGill University. Our host was Dr. Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill’s Office for Science & Society. The other panelists included Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard University geneticist with a world-renowned expertise on the biology of aging, psychologist Dr. Laurie Betito, heard on CJAD, and the inimitable Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the most famous sex therapist in the world. Dr. Ruth had me alternatively laughing and squirming for the 90 minutes, an experience I will never forget! Please click on this link to see the video of the roundtable discussion.

Professional Beauty – Master Class

I Class – Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society Annual Educational Symposium 11/10/2012

Taiwanese Dermatological Association(TDA) Spring Meeting 2013

Dr. Joe Show podcast – November 2, 2014