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Plastic Surgery in West Island, Montreal

A dream come true! I can hardly believe it…..after 25 years of wishing and hoping my dream became reality. I finally went and had abdominoplasty and liposuction. Although it’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m still quite swollen the results are amazing. I tried on a bathing suit and cried when I saw myself in the mirror….WOW unbelievable. Having been refered to Dr.Benchetrit by a good friend ( thanks Liz) I knew I was in good hands and it was a life changing experience made perfect by everyone I had the pleasure of meeting at Cosmedica. Thank you so very much Dr. Benchetrit, you really are my *dream maker*.*

I had a breast augmentation done by Dr Benchetrit exactly two months ago. I came to my consultation very informed and had a bunch of questions. Dr B sat with me and we discussed implant details, my anatomy and the results I could expect. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He has a great portfolio and his work looks amazing. The surgery went really well and I went back to school 4 days post op. No one had noticed by BA, it was very easily hidden. I have been extremely happy with my results since the day I got to take off my bandages. He has done a wonderful job, they are symmetrical, already so soft, the scars are hidden well and are very neat. They look great in clothes and very natural even naked. His staff is really nice and helpful and so is the staff at the Lakeshore where I got the surgery done. I am so happy I trusted this doctor and I would do the surgery all over again.*

..It was an excellent visit, and Dr. Benchtrit confirmed Amanda’s recommendations. I already am a patient of Dr. Benchetrit’s, and he is always is supremely informative, extremely considerate and has a thorough and thoughtful approach. I always recommend him as the “go to” guy. For her part, Amanda was also excellent, very informative, and also helped me avoid a potential disaster with respect to another treatment I was considering somewhere else from my aesthetician. I highly recommend her as well.*

…Dr. Benchetrit made me feel very at ease and because he was so confident I was confident as well. He delivered results exactly as he promised and was very caring and patient b4 and after surgery. I highly recommend him as I will be going back to see him for sure in the future… V (Montreal)*

…Great experience, probably my BEST up to now!! I found Dr.B. very methodical, organized and pleasant. I felt I mattered!!!After ALL those needles, I can say Dr.B. is great!!…Would I refer my friends to him? ABSOLUTELY!! .Maria L.”*

“…Dr Benchetrit is very pleasant,professional,highly meticulous as well as the whole staff he works with. If I needed more surgery I would only go to Dr Benchetrit!” J.T. (Chateauguay)*

“Excellent surgeon. Very professional. I would highly recommend to others. Very happy with my results. “*

“Last April I decided to get a “mommy makeover” which consists of tummy tuck and breast augmentation. My experience with this doctor was better than I could have ever hoped for. Firstly the results were amazing, the doctor is a true professional, He is meticulous, assertive and very serious about his craft, which is exactly what you need when looking for a doctor. Not a joking friendly doc that doesnt take his craft seriously. Dr. Benchetrit made me feel very at ease and because he was so confident I was confident as well. He delivered results exactly as he promised and was very caring and patient b4 and after surgery. I highly reccomend him as I will be going back to see him for sure in the future…V “*

“I’ve had my surgery done April 19th 2012. I got breast implants and work done on one nipple to fix a severe asymmetry. For those seeking a doctor who knows what he’s doing; search no further! ….. They receive you with warmth and personal care. My results are more then satisfactory. I feel the need to address one rating regarding unevenness/scars: YOUR BODY CAN REACT TO THE SURGERY IN WAYS WHICH ARE OUT OF ANY DOCTORS CONTROL! (It is why he took EXTRA TIME to explain this to me) and SCARS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ALONE! AND REFLECT YOUR LACK OF CARE not that of Dr. Benchetrit. My final results are still in progress but his successful work is clear! Go ahead and find out for yourself, book a consult! :)”*

“I went to see Dr.Benchetrit for a consultation for a breast lift with gel implants and i really liked my experience. He was very professional very nice and answered ALL of my questions and he made sure i understood everything about the surgery and what to expect. He showed my pictures of his work and his work is amazing i definitely recommed Dr.Benchetrit at a 100%. His staff was very nice and friendly.I loved him so much i am getting my surgery this summer 🙂 “*

“I went to see Dr.Benchetrit for an tummy tuck and liposuction. Despite the negative reviews, I found him to be very informative and compassionate. He took the time and to answer all of my questions and concerns. Prices may be on the higher end but the quality of work is amazing”*

“I had male breast reduction with dr arie today and he knew exactly what he was doing, I dont care what people have to say about his cold personality since im not going to the operating room for social reasons. He is by far an expert in his field and knows what he`s doing, thats all i care about, if your looking for some friends then go to a bar or something”*

“I had breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Benchetrit 6 years ago. I’m extremely satisfied with the results. Dr. Benchetrit was very considerate, answered all my questions, completely managed my expectations both in terms of the procedure and final results. I had a question recently and he took the time to personally call me back the very same day. Not every surgeon will take the time to do this! Truly first rate and I would recommend him to anyone seeking an exceptional surgeon.”*

“Liposuction surgery was a very good experience. Doctor reasured my husband and myself with pushing the surgery. Doctor asked me why I wanted to have lipo done. He wanted to make certain it wasn’t for my husband or anybody but me. Dr. Benchetrit is very calm. Too the point during visits. Had lipo of 4 areas. Great rapid recovery. Very good results. Should have done sooner. Had it done at Lakeshore Hospital on Friday, could have gone to work on the Tuesday. Nurses in OR very nice and environment was very peaceful. Like a private clinic. Doctor does not see you before you leave the hospital but staff is very good and professional. Received nice flowers from Dr.’s office the next day. Nice touch. Follow up appointment with doctor at his office on 4th day after surgery. All was a very good experience. Would recommend this doctor for this type of surgery without any doubt.”*

“I had a double blepharoplasty with Dr Benchetrit in February 2010 and the results were fantastic! Dr Benchetrit is a very skilled surgeon! Immediately after surgery my lower eye bags and circles were gone and after 6 weeks there were no visible traces of any incisions. My wife, unfortunately, chose another surgeon for the same procedure although her surgeon decided on a laser treatment for the under-eyes rather than the incision procedure. I am extremely grateful that my surgeon went with an incision rather than laser for the lower lids as my results were instantaneous while my wife, at nearly 7 weeks post surgery, is still in an obvious recovery period. She, unlike me at the same post surgery period, has evident large circles under the eyes, which she did not have prior to surgery, as well as some evidence of upper eye incisions. It is clear that her recovery period will be significantly longer than mine. Thank you, Dr Benchetrit, for turning back the clock! “*

“I had an abdominoplasty with Dr. Benchetrit on May 27th. I am only 4 days post op and I am amazed by my results. Consult in late March: Arie was honest about his recommendations for surgery and the results I could expect. The documentation provided by his assistant was produced on site (as opposed to mass produced panphlets which are handed out at other clinics). Arie suggested that I get what is called a Fleur-de-Lys tummy tuck (result yields an inverted T shaped scar). He was honest in telling me what I could expect in terms of results from a traditional tummy tuck and a FDL. This doctor is extremely meticulous and professional. I suppose some of the negative comments came from the fact that Arie is not an overly emotional doctor. He is as a stereotypical scientist. He excels in his craft, but don’t expect him to be a therapist. I wanted a physician to make a diagnosis, suggest treatment and correct my problem. I chose Arie. He even sent me flowers on the day I returned home!”*

“I have had breast augmentation with Dr Benchetrit.After consultation in his office,explained procedure clearly and honestly,i met with his assistant who took care of the logistics of the operation.In hospital i was very well received and accompanied to operating theatre after seeing Dr B,who made sure i was well and not scared(i was not,i felt very confident with Dr B.)All the staff was competent and friendly.Upon waking up in my room,i had a nurse standing close by making sure i was not suffering,Dr Benchetrit makes sure pain management is efficient.I was recommended Dr B through a friend who had surgery with him 5 years ago.I have been more than satisfied with the whole procedure,Dr Benchetrit is very pleasant,professional,highly meticulous as well as the whole staff he works with.If i needed more surgery i would only go to Dr benchetrit.”*

“Thank you Dr. Benchetrit for giving mobility to my finger again. He reattached my tendon and nerve after my unfortunate accident. He may not have a sense of humor or smile a lot but he is the best at what he does. “*

“I went to this doctor for a consultation on a breast augmentation (BA). After reading the reviews on this site, i was expecting this doctor to be very aloof and arrogant, but instead it was the opposite. He did not treat me as if i was a necessary evil and took the time and care to answer all of my questions. Very human and kind. This doctor has done over 900 BA and i have seen a girl who had her BA done by him and wow did they look good! Unless i find another surgeon that could do as good of a job for less ( yes he is quite expensive ) i will go to him to get my BA for sure.”*

“I had a tummy tuck done last year with Dr. Benchetrit. Yes., I found him arrogant and somewhat cold., but the bottom line is, he knows what he’s doing. He explained the whole procedure to me and made me feel at ease. He was there for me before and after surgery. Absolutely no complications., amazing results! If you can get past his not so great ‘bed side manner’ I give him 2 thumbs up. Afterall., you are there for his skill not his personality. His staff is wonderful and receiving flowers at my home after surgery from them was a very nice touch ! “*

“I recently underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Benchetrit. Through the entire process (from consultation to post surgery) Dr. Benchetrit has proven to be professional, knowledgable and compassionate. He was available to answer any questions or concerns as well as provide me with helpful information in order to ensure that I understood all aspects of the procedure. I would not hesitate to have additional procedures done with him and would highly recommend his work.”*

“…Dr Benchetrit is a miracle worker! I had twin pregnancy with complications and how I looked was horrific. No other doctor would take my case but Dr Benchetrit examined me carefully and said he could fix me up. The surgery was a success beyond my belief. My stomach is amazing and he was polite and helpful. I RECOMMEND HIM 100%! “*

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr Benchetrit and his team: the results definitely exceeded my expectations. I do recommend his service: he is very professional and kind, always answering ALL kinf of questions. His teams, both at the office and at the hospital, are great! 2 thumbs up!Eleonor”*

“I recently saw Dr. Benchetrit for my breast augmentation. I am thrilled with the results. My recovery was quick and virtually painless. Dr. Benchetrit is very professional and exceeded all my expectations. I am beyond satisfied with my results and recommend him very highly for anyone considering breast augmentation. “*

“After reading the other ratings, I was compelled to write my point of view on Dr.Benchetrit. I just had an abdominoplasty done Nov.15th by him and am very pleased with the operation to date and his concern he showed at my follow up appointment on Nov.19th. I visited the doctor on three occasions and found him to be always compassionate, caring and informative. Before entering the O.R. he came to see me to see if I had any concerns. He also came to check on me after the surgery and to advise me again on how I should care for myself until my follow-up visit. At no point was he ever rude or inconsiderate. He repeatedly asked if I had any further questions to ask him and mentionned I could call his staff anytime for information. I would highly recommend Dr. Benchetrit for this type of surgery. I am healing quite well and satified to date with the look of my surgery.”*

“I had a breast augmentation done with Dr. Benchetrit in 2002 and almost 5 years later, I’ve never had any complications. I had done tons & tons of research before I went in for my consultation & he knew I was quite prepared. I did find him aloof, but he was supposed to be my doctor and it is a professional relationship. I did have a complicated case, with Pectus Excavatum, where I had a bad asymmetry & he was able to fix my problem. I remember receiving flowers from his staff/office the next day delivered to my home, which was quite nice. I am very happy with my results & would recommend him to anyone. “*

“Dr. B is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He is articulate and up to date on the latest technologies. His work is amazing and he is always professional. I would never go to anyone else! “*

“he was pretty cold and distant..but he did answer all my questions..he doesnt say much if u dont ask him..i did my lips with him (evolence) and he was VERY good compared to the other doctors i went to swelling or bruising..VERY expensive though..ppl say i got riped off but the result were amazing “*

“the best of the best,seen many surgeons,this one is top notch.I highly recommend him,attentionnated to your expectations,knows all about the latest technologies and techniques! “*


*Testimonials found on Plastic Surgery Montreal by Dr. Arie Benchetrit have been sent to us by actual customers and may not reflect the typical client’s experience. These testimonials are not intended to guarantee that all patients will achieve the same or similar results. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of some of the very good results our practice has produced, and are not meant to convey that every patient will have a similar experience.