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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) in West Island, Montreal

Male breast reduction gynecomastia treatment Montreal

  • Length: 30 minutes-2 hours
  • Anesthesia: local or general anesthesia
  • In/Outpatient: outpatient
  • Side Effects: swelling, bruising, post-operative pain
  • Risks: bleeding, infection, loss of nipple sensation, contour defects
  • Recovery:

    Return to work: 1-2 days
    Light exercise: within a week
    Swelling completely resolves: 4-8 weeks

Before and After Photos of Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, a medical term that comes from the Greek word for “women-like breasts,” affects nearly 40 to 60 percent of men in one or both breasts. The causes vary but include genetics, hormones or certain drugs like steroids. Dr. Benchetrit treats gynecomastia with male breast reduction surgery at his Montreal plastic surgery practice, Cosmedica. If you are embarrassed by enlarged breast tissue, consider scheduling an informational consultation with Dr. Benchetrit to learn more about the surgical solution.

The Male Breast Reduction Consultation

During your male breast reduction consultation, Dr. Benchetrit will evaluate you as a candidate. He will examine your breasts to approximate the amount of fat and glandular tissue you have. He will also evaluate the quality of your skin to see if skin reduction is also necessary. Additionally, Dr. Benchetrit will inquire about your medical history, general health and any previous surgeries.

You will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Benchetrit any questions you have about gynecomastia treatment, including how to prepare, what to expect on the day of surgery and how to minimize your recovery time. Dr. Benchetrit encourages you to ask as many questions as you need to about the surgery.

Vectra 3D Photography

Dr. Benchetrit is one of the very few surgeons in Canada to own the Vectra 3D photography system. This revolutionary device can take 3D photos of the breasts and then simulate the results of the planned surgery on a computer screen. This makes it easier for the patient to make his decision and, by giving a “preview” of the final result, takes much of the worry out of the process.

Male Breast Reduction Surgical Techniques

Dr. Benchetrit will tailor his surgical approach to your particular needs. For example, if your breasts are large because of excess fat, he may simply use liposuction techniques. On the other hand, if your breasts are large because of fat and excess glandular tissue, he will need to combine liposuction and surgical excision of the tissue. He may also need to remove excess skin.

Dr. Benchetrit uses techniques to minimize the amount of scarring from surgery. Liposuction scars are 3 or 4 mms. long and often heal imperceptibly. If gland or skin reduction is needed, surgical incisions are made either at the lower edge of the areola or, rarely, on the breast itself. The size of the incision will depend on how much excess tissue, fat and skin needs to be removed but in general, Dr. Benchetrit will do everything he can to minimize the amount of scarring. Post-op scar care is also used to promote the least visible scars possible

The Day of Surgery

Male breast reduction is performed on an outpatient basis at an accredited surgical facility. If general anesthesia is used, an anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia to help you sleep comfortably during surgery. The procedure will take from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the extent of the problem, and after you wake up you will rest for several more hours in our recovery suite. You will need to arrange ahead of time for someone to pick you up from surgery and drive you home. It’s also a good idea that the person stays with you for the first day after surgery to look after you.

Recovering from Male Breast Reduction

Your breast area will be swollen and bruised after surgery, but these side effects will disappear with time. Any post-operative discomfort can be mitigated with oral pain medication that Dr. Benchetrit prescribes. It’s best to get as much rest as possible during your recovery, and avoid any bending, straining or lifting. You will be given an elastic pressure garment to wear for two or three weeks to control the swelling. You will have several follow-up appointments with Dr. Benchetrit so he can check your healing progress and clear you to return to work, exercise and other activities.

Male breast reduction recovery varies by patient and by procedure. Most patients can return to non-physical work after two to three days and can resume sports after one to three weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Benchetrit For Your Surgery?

Dr. Benchetrit is an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of male breast reduction procedures for gynecomastia with very good results. He is board-certified, familiar with the latest technologies and techniques, and has obtained a very high degree of satisfaction for his patients. His hospital affiliation allows him to provide his patients with a safe environment in which to have this complex procedure. Dr. Benchetrit spends a lot of time in the consultation process explaining the different options and helping the patient select the right procedure(s) for their desired result. With the help of the Vectra 3D photo system, patients can “preview” the results of their laser procedure on a computer screen to help them decide if this is exactly what they want.

Learn More about Male Breast Reduction

If you are embarrassed by excessively large breasts, contact Dr. Benchetrit to inquire about gynecomastia treatment. Schedule a surgical consultation to discuss the procedure, and what it can accomplish, in greater detail.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gynecomastia Treatment

Q:Can exercise help in reducing overdeveloped male breasts?
A:Gynecomastia does not react to either weight loss or gain. The breast is composed of breast glands and fatty tissue. The change in body weight can affect the fat content of the chest. The breast gland will increase in size due to hormones or other drugs, like steroids.

Q:Do I need to avoid exposing my scars to the sun after my procedure?
A:Early sun exposure to your incisions after surgery is not advisable. To avoid scar pigmentation, you should use sunblock on your scars for 3 to 6 months following surgery.

Q:How old do you need to be before having surgery for gynecomastia?
A:Most doctors will not perform this type of surgery on anyone younger than 18. This is because in younger people there is a good chance the condition will go away on its own. It’s also important to note that there is no maximum age you can be either. Unless you have a medical condition that would prevent you from having surgery you could be 70 or 80 and have it done.

Q:What about ugly scars from the surgery?
A:Naturally, there will be a small degree of scarring, but with today’s advances in surgical techniques it will not be severe. There will be an incision around the nipple that will show a small amount of scarring, but that is about it. Also, with time the scar will begin to fade.

If you have any other questions about male breast reduction, or other plastic surgery body procedures, please feel free to contact us at 514-695-7450.