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Breast Enhancement Surgery in West Island, Montreal

There are many different reasons to seek breast surgery. Dr. Benchetrit works with patients who desire bigger breasts, smaller breasts, perkier breasts or smaller nipples. His extensive experience as a Montreal breast surgeon enables him to produce attractive, natural-looking results with very little scarring. Dr. Benchetrit will help you choose the surgery best suited to your particular needs.

The following options are available at Dr. Benchetrit’s office:

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Benchetrit performs breast augmentation to increase the size and improve the shape of small breasts. Breast augmentation involves the placement of saline or silicone-filled implants either in front of or behind the chest muscle. Implants come in various sizes and shapes to suit a variety of needs.

Breast Lift

Dr. Benchetrit can improve the position of sagging breasts with breast lift surgery. Dr. Benchetrit removes excess breast skin and reshapes the breast mound higher on the chest and specializes in doing this with minimal scars. He may also relocate the nipple higher on the breast.

Breast Lift with Reduction

Dr. Benchetrit can combine breast lift with reduction to reduce oversized, heavy breasts. He will remove excess skin, fat and glandular tissue and create a smaller breast mound higher on the chest. The resulting scars are far less visible than with a traditional breast reduction.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples affect nearly one in 10 women. The goal of the corrective surgery is to lift the nipple and areola tissue and stitch it into its new position to maintain the proper projection. The technique used is usually a simple 30 minute procedure under local anesthesia, performed in our clinic.

Nipple Reduction

Oversized nipples may be the result of genetics, significant weight loss, breastfeeding or aging. Dr. Benchetrit reduces large nipples by removing excess tissue and skin while keeping the nipple attached to its blood supply and milk ducts.

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