Fat Reduction Methods: Selecting the Best Option for You

As a Montreal plastic surgeon, Dr. Arie Benchetrit meets many individuals that want to reduce areas of diet- and exercise-resistant body fat. Whether it is a protruding stomach “pooch” left over from pregnancy, heavy thighs or a prominent backside, body fat can be difficult for some people to reduce with lifestyle habits. Dr. Benchetrit offers… Continue Reading →

The Life Expectancy of Breast Implants

Last month, Dr. Arie Benchetrit blogged about important decisions breast augmentation candidates need to make about their breast implants. To follow up that piece, Dr. Benchetrit wants to talk about another chief consideration that comes up during the breast implant discussion: how long breast implants typically last. Read on to learn more. 

Female Genital Rejuvenation

Female cosmetic genital rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular as more women decide they want to look and feel great below the belt. Rejuvenating the genitalia not only offers cosmetic benefits, but — depending on the procedure — can also resolve physical symptoms like chafing or itching, make exercise more comfortable and increase pleasure during sexual… Continue Reading →