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Stop Excessive Sweating With Neuromodulators for Hyperhidrosis

Botox for Hyperhidrosis Pointe Claire

Your body relies on sweating to cool itself, but some people experience hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis typically affects the underarms, hands and feet and is embarrassing for many men and women. While it’s estimated hyperhidrosis affects 3% of the population, many people never discuss their sweating symptoms with loved ones or a healthcare provider, meaning this perspiration problem could be more widespread.

Dr. Arie Benchetrit understands excessive sweating may affect multiple areas of your life and offers hyperhidrosis treatment with neuromodulators in Montreal and Pointe Claire, Quebec. From your social life and dating encounters to professional dealings, you may shy away from shaking a hand or hugging to hide the sweat. People with axillary hyperhidrosis (excess sweat in the underarms) may wear dark clothing or make other wardrobe choices to avoid visible wetness caused by the condition.

Several treatment options available for hyperhidrosis can give you the freedom to interact with others without fear or embarrassment and allow you to wear clothing for its comfort, fit and style, not for its concealment abilities.

How to Improve or Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis treatment requires a consultation with our certified plastic surgeon to discuss your symptoms and develop a plan to lessen or eliminate the excess moisture in your underarms, hands or feet. The standard treatment for excessive sweating is prescription-strength antiperspirants or an iontophoresis procedure to switch off the sweat glands using water and a mild electrical current.

Neuromodulators is an advanced treatment option for hyperhidrosis and an effective solution for people struggling with the issue who haven’t responded to other methods. Neuromodulators is derived from botulinum toxin type A, and this injectable blocks the sweat glands from releasing acetylcholine and triggering sweat production. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in the central and peripheral nervous system involved in autonomic body functions, muscle control and other essential roles. Neuromodulators is most often used to treat axillary hyperhidrosis but may be used for the hands and feet.

Hyperhidrosis treatment with neuromodulators involves injecting small amounts of the neurotoxin into the affected area to reduce sweat production significantly. Patients often experience excellent results for six to 12 months, at which point repeat treatment is necessary.

Discuss Hyperhidrosis Treatment With Dr. Benchetrit

Neuromodulators for hyperhidrosis is an effective solution that allows many patients to enjoy a better quality of life without fear of excessive sweating. If hyperhidrosis affects your psychological, physical or occupational life and well-being, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Benchetrit to discuss your treatment options. Contact our Montreal and Pointe Claire, Quebec, offices at (514) 613-4355.