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How Mommy Makeover Can Improve Your Body After Pregnancy

Mommy Makeover in Pointe Claire

Have you lost the “baby weight” after your pregnancy and then been disappointed to discover that your body doesn’t look the same as it did before motherhood? Unfortunately, even the strictest diet and exercise plan is unlikely to restore a firm tummy and perky breasts. However, you can make transformative improvements with a customized plastic surgery plan known as a mommy makeover. In this blog, Dr. Arie Benchetrit describes some of the changes new mothers encounter and the procedures that can address these issues.

Sagging Breasts

Your breasts get bigger during pregnancy, not just because of the extra weight, but because your body is developing new glands to prepare for breastfeeding. However, your breasts will shrink in size after weaning your baby, with no guarantee that they will return to their original size. Most likely, your breasts will appear more “deflated” after having a baby, with the breasts hanging lower than they used to because the skin has been stretched.

Softer Abdomen

Another area where skin stretches is around your stomach. To accommodate a growing baby, your stomach expands and your abdominal wall separates. After having the baby, your stomach returns to its normal size, although your skin may not snap back into place depending on its elasticity (due to factors like your age and genetics). Moreover, your abdominal muscles, which have separated to accommodate e the growing uterus, do not reconnect on their own. This is called a rectus diastasis and is the cause of the post-pregnancy protruding belly.

Mommy Makeover Procedures That Can Help

The top breast procedure for women who have had children is a breast lift. Dr. Benchetrit can remove some of the loose skin around your breasts so that they sit higher on the chest. He also reprojects the nipples for a more youthful, forward direction. You may also choose to have a simultaneous breast augmentation if you feel that the size of your breasts is not in your preferred proportion.

For your abdomen, the most transformative procedure is a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). With this surgery, Dr. Benchetrit can remove the loose skin and stretch marks of the lower tummy to create a tighter shape. He also reattaches your separated abdominal muscles to reestablish a firm wall, much like an internal girdle. If you have stubborn fat deposits that have not disappeared with diet and exercise, Dr. Benchetrit can address these problem areas with liposuction. Best of all, Dr. Benchetrit is one of the very few surgeons in North America who performs a ‘’drainless’’ tummy tuck, making the recovery much easier for the patient.

Learn More About A Mommy Makeover in Montreal

Becoming a mother does not have to mean that you must forfeit having appealing body contours. If you want to boost your confidence and improve your shape with a customized combination of plastic surgery procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Benchetrit, an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon. Call 514-613-4355 to arrange a time.