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Cosmetic and Medical Reasons to Remove Moles and Cysts from Your Face and Body

Mole/Cyst Removal Pointe Claire

While it is natural for moles and cysts to appear on your skin during your lifetime, chances are that you would prefer not to have these bumps and marks. If a mole or cyst on your skin is drawing unwanted attention, you have options other than learning to tolerate it. Montreal plastic surgeon Dr. Arie Benchetrit uses advanced laser treatments to remove moles and cysts. Some of the reasons his patients request this service include: 

It Arouses Concern

The most urgent reason to remove a mole is when it looks suspicious. If you notice a mole that has changed in color or size, is asymmetrical or appears on your body after the age of 40, then you should consult with a doctor. A doctor can inspect your mole and, if warranted, have the mole tested for melanoma after removal. The good news is that skin cancer is almost never fatal when caught early, so it is a good idea to be proactive about moles.

Cysts are almost always benign, so there is not usually a medical imperative to have them removed.

It Doesn’t Suit Your Appearance

Plenty of people dislike their moles and cysts even if they don’t pose any health problems. Many of these people decide to remove growths for purely cosmetic purposes. If you believe you would feel more attractive or confident with smooth, evenly toned skin, you can remove an unsightly mole or cyst.

For the most appealing results, it is a good idea choose a plastic surgeon who has a mind for aesthetics. Dr. Benchetrit utilizes specific techniques that can minimize scarring. After all, you would not want to replace one blemish with another.

It Causes Pain or Discomfort

A mole may be a nuisance due to its location on your body. A mole on your neck may get caught in your necklace and bleed, or a mole on your hip can become irritated from the friction from the waistband on your pants. At the point where a mole becomes uncomfortable or inconvenient, removing it makes sense.

The same goes for a cyst. Cysts that have become infected or ruptured can hurt, and at that point removing the cyst is the best way to relieve the pain.

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The laser treatment for mole and cyst removal is much easier to undergo than you may imagine. To learn more about this procedure from a leading Montreal doctor, please contact his office at 514-700-5233.