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Muscle Definition Without Working Out? It’s More Realistic Than You Know

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While cosmetic surgery has long been used to contour the body, traditionally it has been less effective when it comes to making you look more muscular. If you wanted leg definition or six pack abs, your best bet was to work hard in the gym.

But times have changed. A new treatment called truSculpt® flex is clinically proven to build muscles without exercise. The average patient sees a 30% increase in muscle mass following a course of treatment. Here Dr. Arie Benchetrit, a leading plastic surgeon in Montreal, discusses what this innovative body contouring procedure can do for you.

How truSculpt flex Improves Your Muscles

truSculpt uses electrical MDS (multi-directional stimulation) to replicate the same movements your muscles would make while doing squats or crunches. It activates eight muscle groups in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks simultaneously.  

The technology has three modes, each of which is run during a treatment session. The first is a gentle preparatory mode that stretches the muscles so that they are ready to undergo the more rigorous motion to follow. Next, the toning mode contracts and holds the muscles to help build muscle mass. Finally, the sculpting mode moves the muscles in rapid succession to give the muscles sharper definition. You should not feel uncomfortable during any point of the treatment.

A single 45-minute session produces the same effects as over 50,000 sit-ups. Think of how much time you would need to devote to workouts to achieve similar results. Most patients undergo four to six treatments, within the span of a few days, to achieve their preferred results.

Results: truSculpt flex’s Difference

While other companies currently manufacture muscle-building equipment, none of them can treat as many muscles simultaneously as truSculpt flex. Better still, truSculpt flex blocks the buildup of lactic acid that is common from comparable treatments, which helps to limit post-treatment discomfort. However, your muscles will still feel the fatigue of an intense workout.

Results vary, but you are likely to start seeing a change in your muscle definition after your second treatment. Full results can be seen about two or three months after your last treatment. To maintain your results, you may choose to undergo periodic treatment (usually once every few months). 

Schedule a Consultation

If you don’t have the time or energy to get yourself to the gym — or if your workouts are not producing the kind of results you’ve been looking for — try building your muscle mass with truSculpt flex. To learn more about this exciting treatment, make an appointment with Dr. Benchetrit by calling 514-613-4913.